People fantasize about a lot of things. Some of us fantasize sleeping with celebrity, some of us fantasize sucking people’s toes, some of us fantasize about a muscular woman. These days it’s not that difficult to find muscular woman on the internet and there are so many company or production house that produce muscular woman videos to fulfil our fantasy about being dominated or worships muscular woman. 

One of my favorite if not my favorite ever company that produce muscular woman videos is Awefilms. They’ve been working with the big names like Lisa Cross, Amber Deluca, Rapture, Brandi Mae, and many more. Not only selling the big names, the quality of the video is actually stand out among the others. You just know you’re about to have a  good time when you see the awefilms logo!

Awefilms is one of the best around, i had the honour to asked the man behind awefilms a few questions and to get to know him more. 

Enjoy… Q&A with Awefilms!

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Q&A With Amazon Amanda

Size does matter, the bigger the better.
One of my favorites things about Amazon Women is when they do size comparison. Size comparison is an act where they compare about their height, weight, or their body part with someone smaller than they are. One of my favorite Amazon Women is Amazon Amanda.

I’ve been an Amazon Amanda fans for a years. She is a real life giantess. Standing at 6’3 and weight at 375 lbs she could easily dominate, towers, or even crush most people, and she love doing it! Not only she’s intimidating because of her size, but she has strength too! She could easily lift men off the ground with ease. She’s capable of many acts, like size comparison, wrestling, crushing, etc.
If i have to use one word to describe her, it would be “GIANT”.

This time we got lucky to hear her stories… Here we go… Q&A With Amazon Amanda!
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One of my favorites things about Amazon Women is when they do size comparison. Size comparison is an act when they compare about their height, weight, or their body part with someone smaller than they are. People who loves size comparison is usually people who love “Macrophilia” which is they get aroused by the thought of having sex with others who are significantly larger than they are, and Amazon Women is the closest things to make their reality come true.

Standing barefoot at 6’9”/206 cm and up to 7’9”/235 cm (i know it’s crazy,right?!) when she’s wearing her highest heels simply makes Kathleen McIntyre or Tall Kat a real life giantess. She could easily makes average person feel short next to her.

This time, i’m lucky enough to got a chance to asked a few questions to her. So, enjoy…
Q & A with Tall Kat!

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Q & A With Mikayla Miles

Long time no see!

This time i have something special, this post it’s not just an ordinary article like i used to write. This time i got a chance to interview an Amazon Women. Who? Yes, She is Mikayla Miles!

Mikayla Miles is a legend. One of the best around. I had the honor to interview and get into her head.

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One Good Thing 2016 Did: Brought Back Mikayla Miles!

As we know 2016 has been a terrible year, we lost great people like David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, Prince, Muhammad Ali, and a lot more. 2016 might be a terrible year, but there’s no such things as a completely bad things, there’s must be something good in it, because that is how life’s work. What’s good in 2016 then? Well, as an Amazon Women enthusiast there’s a one big thing that has happened… 2016 brought back Mikayla Miles!

Wait, Who is Mikayla Miles?

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The Biggest and The Baddest Amazon: Amazon Cinthia!

For a man who have fetish for an Amazon Women, size is one of the most important aspect that matters. There are so many Amazon Women out there, and one of my favorite ever is Cinthia Mulherao or Amazon Cinthia. If you want to describe Amazon Cinthia, “Small” is a word that you will never use to describe Amazon Cinthia. Trust me, She might be the biggest women you’ll ever see in your life, besides the giantess women from “attack of 50ft women”. Don’t believe me? ok, here is Her stats:

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My Top 5 Young Female Body Builders

These days i’m finding it hard to find a topic to write —yeah, i’m that lame—, i keep finding an inpiration from everywhere, especially the internet. One day i go through my instagram account, looking at a lot of female body builder’s photos that i follow. Then the idea coming to my mind, why don’t i write about my top 5 young female body builders? so simple, right?

But, why write specifically about young female body builders? what about Amber Deluca? Angela Salvagno? Alina Popa? First, because there are a lot of people out there already write about them, it will be boring if i write about them too —but maybe one day i will—, Second, because they’re just as fresh as a cake from the oven! And last, because we like younger girls right? we like the young and dangerous.

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